February 20, 2018

The Latest Baby Registry Must-Haves

The Latest Baby Registry Must-Haves

I have so many friends who are new or expecting moms and it inspired me to hunt for the latest and greatest registry must-haves. It’s amazing to see how many cool new products have hit the market since I became a mom a couple years ago! If you missed my CBS LA segment you can check out my product picks below.

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Baby Doppler

First up I have the latest products from Baby Doppler, the #1 retailer of baby heartbeat monitors, which is this device right here. It allows you to listen to and get an accurate reading of your unborn baby’s heartbeat.  Then, once baby has arrived, you’ll want the Mini Max Digital Baby Scale Kit so you can easily track baby’s height and weight. Baby Doppler is an amazing resource for pregnancy and newborn needs. The company was started by a mom of 4 who went through a scary pregnancy experience so she set out to make baby heartbeat monitors available to everyone, not just doctor’s offices. Make sure to check out their blog too. It’s a great resource for new parents.



Summer Infant Baby Pixel

Next up I have the latest innovation in baby monitors. This is the Summer Infant Baby Pixel and it’s the only monitor in the world that puts an invisible safety boundary around your baby and alerts you when the baby crosses it. This is great for parents of little escape artists who like to climb out of the crib or even for smaller babies if they were roll into an unsafe sleep position. It’s even great for toddlers. I’m getting close to transitioning my daughter to a toddler bed and Baby Pixel will give me peace of mind knowing I’d be alerted if she got out of bed during the night. It also has night vision and tilt steering, so you just have to tilt the screen to move the monitor.



Baby’s Heartbeat Stuffed Animals

These baby heartbeat stuffed animals allow you to record and store the sound of your unborn baby’s heartbeat in these adorable plush stuffed animals. Simply record the sound on the cute heart-shaped recorder found inside the plush animal. There are several animals to choose from and tons of accessories to go with it. It’s a gift any expecting mom would love and cherish forever.



Lovebug Probiotics

We are in the middle of a nasty flu season so it’s more important than ever to keep baby and mom healthy and that starts with building a strong immune system. 70-80{f61ce11df02f678d2c5f2e2930066b6f289804cca52fd0883d27a91eb0b54a2b} of the immune system is located in the gut. The more probiotics and healthy bacteria living in baby’s digestive tract, the stronger their immune system will be to protect them against colds, autoimmune diseases and allergies. Lovebug Probiotics is an award-winning probiotics brand that was created by a mom for moms! Labor of Love is specially formulated for pregnant and nursing moms and Tiny Tummies is great for birth through 4 years old. Check out all of the formulas because there’s something for everyone and they are all non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, have zero preservatives and nothing artificial.



Zelda Matilda

If you’re expecting a little girl, you need to stock up on Zelda Matilda headbands and accessories. They have tons of different headband styles for all ages, even the tiny newborns. They also have stylish bandana bibs, pacifier clips so make sure to check out everything Zelda Matilda has to offer.



Bloom Baby Wipes

It can be hard to choose which baby wipes brand to go with but generally you want something clean and natural that won’t irritate baby’s skin. Well, Bloom Baby has set out to create the world’s best baby wipes and I think they’ve done it. These wipes are all-natural and have no harsh chemicals, no allergens, and are actually soothing to a rash or sensitive skin. They are larger than standard wipes and feature a textured surface area that makes it easier to clean baby.



Clean Kids Naturally

Expecting parents, you’re going to get a LOT of baby care products as gifts, but it seems like once they grow into toddlers, there aren’t really any natural, nontoxic options that get kids excited about bath time. Clean Kids Naturally is a line of vegan personal care products that come in delicious scents like orange burst shampoo, banana smoothie condition, Tahitian vanilla lotion and more. The line was created by green beauty pioneer Gabriel De Santino, who created Gabriel Cosmetics in the 90s. Now he’s making sure kids can reap the benefits of vegan body care products too!


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