July 29, 2016

Safety Girl’s Family-Friendly Travel Products

Safety Girl’s Family-Friendly Travel Products

Safety is every family’s #1 priority when traveling. Here are some of my favorite products to use while traveling with my husband, Tyler and our 8-month old daughter, Lucy!

The Sound Grenade

The Sound Grenade is the world’s smallest SOS alarm. Simply pull the pin to release a siren as loud as an ambulance. Attach it to your backpack, keys or even a belt loop. Traveling families love it because it’s a TSA-approved carry-on item, so you can feel safe traveling to and navigating a foreign city. Heading out on a family camping trip? The piercing siren can also function as repellent for aggressive wildlife.

$20+, www.robocopp.com


Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

Now that my daughter Lucy is 8 months old, I am transitioning her to a convertible car seat for our summer travel. But before you head out on your road trip, make sure you’ve installed your seat correctly (you can take it to any fire or police station to check). The Britax Advocate ClickTight is one of the safest convertible car seats on the market and it’s easy to install. Plus, they offer an anti-rebound bar for rear-facing installations to limit the amount of rebound movement from a frontal-impact crash. I even checked with my favorite car seat experts in LA, The Car Seat Safety People, and they highly recommend this seat, which can go rear-facing and forward-facing. Remember to keep kids rear-facing as long as possible as it’s the safest position. The law actually now says to keep children rear-facing until they are at least 2 years of age.

Car seat: $439.99, Anti-Rebound bar: $39.99, www.britax.com



Not only is Instavit the safer, doctor-formulated, pill-free way to take your vitamins, but it also builds your immunity while traveling! Instavit’s Immunge Strength contains a blend of vitamins and minerals to help you avoid getting sick while traveling. Also, Instavit’s has just released a brand new children’s multi-vitamin so kids can reap the health benefits of Instavit too! Just open the lid and spray directly into your mouth. Taking vitamins has never been so safe and easy.

$15.99, www.instavit.com


Bugaboo Bee

When it comes to travel with a baby, a concern every parent has is that baggage handlers or hotel bellmen will damage their stroller. The first step in ensuring your stroller stays safe for baby is to gate check it, rather than checking it with your baggage. Second, opt for a compact, lightweight stroller like the Bugaboo Bee and make sure to get their transport bag to keep from getting damaged. The Bee is one of the best travel strollers on the market and it touts safety benefits like a 5-point harness and an extendable sun canopy for added sun protection.

$719, www.bugaboo.com



I was just in Japan with my husband and baby and we didn’t have access to WiFi unless we were at our hotel. If only I knew about Skyroam before our trip! Skyroam is a personal WiFi hotspot that enables travelers to keep their gadgets connected in 90+ countries. With Skyroam, travelers can easily stay connected as they roam the globe without having to deal with expensive roaming fees. Simply rent or purchase the device and only pay for connectivity on the days you need it.

$9.95 per day to rent device and connectivity

OR $99.99 to purchase device, $8 per day for connectivity, www.skyroam.com


The Tillow

The Tillow may look like a regular beach towel, but it is so much more! Keep your valuables safe from theft by placing them in The Tillow’s hidden storage pocket so you can hit the water without worry. The Tillow also features a hidden touch screen window to keep your phone protected from water and sand. Plus, The Tillow offers a removable pillow to make lounging extra comfortable!

$35.99, www.thetillow.com



Every car should have an emergency kit to be prepared for the unexpected on the road. I love FLARED kits because they’re stylish emergency kits for the modern woman. They have everything you’d expect to find in an emergency kit like flares, a first aid kit, and jumper cables plus useful items like a power bank to charge your phone, pepper spray, water and a snack. Remember, you’re in a vulnerable position when stopped on the side of the road so always grab your pepper spray first.

$65-$95, www.flaredkits.com


The Zooby

The Zooby is the only portable baby monitor on the market that truly gives parents the ability to keep their eyes on their most precious cargo at all times. Instead of looking back at the mirrors that most parents attach to the back seat, this comes with a portable monitor that attaches to your front windshield. The Zooby has been crash tested, so you know it’s safe! What’s more, once families reach their destination, Zooby can be used in hotel rooms, grandma’s house, and just about anywhere!

$199.99, www.infanttech.com

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