December 11, 2016

Non-Tech Toys for the Holidays

Non-Tech Toys for the Holidays

Millennials are known for their overuse of tech and so many of the toys on the market are tech-focused. That’s why as a Millennial Mom, I want to encourage parents to get their kids toys that require no batteries this holiday season. This morning I went on CBS LA’s KCAL9 to show off some of my favorite non-tech toy gift ideas. Watch the segment and check out the product descriptions below!


Funko Dolls & Jigsaw Puzzles from AllPosters.com

First we have some super-cool toys from AllPosters.com. In addition to being the world’s largest retailer of posters and art prints, AllPosters.com has tons of gifts and stocking stuffers as well as novelty items and apparel. These are Funko dolls. They’re vinyl collectables that come in everyone’s favorite characters this year like Elsa, Nemo, Star Wars characters, Marvel superheros, the list goes on. Another great gift idea are jigsaw puzzels. AllPosters.com has over a hundred different jigsaw puzzels. Jigsaw Puzzels actually improve a child’s problem solving skills, eye coordination and creativity making it a perfect gift that blends fun with expanding the mind.

$7.79 and $10+, www.allposters.com


Sci-Fi Plush Toys from Quantum Mechanix

For the older kids and teens that are into cult-favorite sci-fi movies and tv shows like Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Firefly and even Harry Potter, QuantumMechanix.com has the toys for them. Kids will love flying these plush space ships around the room and coming up with their own Star Trek games.

$9.95+, www.quantummechanix.com


The Spin & Sparkle Pet Maker

Pet-themed toys are huge this holiday season and now RoseArt has combined pet toys with crafting for a fun, artistic experience. This is the Spin & Sparkle Pet Maker and it allows kids to create their very own mini-pet in just 20 minutes. Kids mix the Magic Cast Powder with water and pour into molds. Spin the hand-powered handle for one minute and watch your pet take shape! Then you can customize it with paints, glitter, jewels, eyes. Plus, each pet has its own pop-up world and story card to spark young imaginations.

$24.99, www.amazon.com

Next up, we have some awesome toys from classic toy-maker, Wham-O that will get kids outside and moving on their next snow trip.


First we have the Snowboogie. Wham-O is the creator of the original Boogie Board and now they’ve given it a winter makeover with the SnowBoogie. This foam sled is super-comfortable and features an ultra-slick bottom so you get maximum speed. Plus it’s super lightweight so kids wont have to struggle getting it to the top of a snowy hill like they do with those big plastic sleds. Best of all, there’s enough room for 2 kids on the sled!

$19.99, www.amazon.com


Ultimate Frisbee

Although a Frisbee is typically thought of as a summer beach toy, it actually makes a great game in the snow! Wham-O is the creator of the original Frisbee. There are a lot of imitators out there but only one true Frisbee. There are tons of games you can play with a Frisbee and the whole family can play together. This is another toy from Wham-O that really encourages kids to get moving again.

$7.99, www.amazon.com


Inflatable Polar Bear Tube

This is a perfect snow toy for the younger kids who aren’t quite ready for the speed of the Snowboogie. This Polar Bear tube is lightweight and easy for small kids to handle. It’s made from durable cold-resistant material and features two sturdy grip handles. Plus, the design is so cute!

$11.99, www.amazon.com

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