December 15, 2016

Millennial Mom Holiday Gift Guide

Millennial Mom Holiday Gift Guide

I went on KTLA this morning to show off some new and unique gift ideas for the whole family. From moms and dads to kids and teens, I have everyone covered this holiday season!

Gifts for moms & dads:

Art.com Photos to Art
Art.com is the world’s leading online destination for discovering and purchasing wall decor. Now Art.com allows you to create your very own personalized art! Using their Photo to Art tool, you can transform high resolution photos into one-of-a-kind works of art so moms and dads can fills their walls with the faces they adore. With prices starting at only $29.99, you can choose from tons of custom options, from modern wood-mounting to lightweight canvas art that’s easy for anyone to hang. All you need is a high-resolution photo to get started! It’s the perfect personalized gift for parents or anyone on your gift list this year. Order by December 16th to have your art arrive in time for Christmas.
$29.99+, www.art.com


Reverie Sweet Slumber Adjustable Pillow
They say you never sleep as soundly as you did before you had kids. Well, Reverie hopes to change that with their Sweet Slumber pillow! The perfect gift for moms and dads, the Reverie Sweet Slumber pillow is the latest in sleep technology. Its customizable design allows you to adjust the height of the pillow to give you that “just right” neck support for your body and sleeping position. The pillow comes with two hypoallergenic down-alternative inserts. Place both of them inside the ultra-soft cover for maximum loft, or just use one for less poof. Moms and dads will LOVE this gift, because what parent doesn’t want a better night’s sleep? Enter code KTLA at checkout and Reverie will donate $10 to Sweet Dreamzzz, a charity that provides sleep education and sleep essentials to children in need.
$115, www.reverie.com


Petunia Pickle Bottom
Moms these days want the best of both worlds when it comes to diaper bags: style and function. We don’t want to carry bags that LOOK like diaper bags. Instead, we want to rock a bag that looks like a designer purse and thankfully, Petunia Pickle Bottom has come to the rescue! Petunia Pickle Bottom has tons of stylish diaper bags but these two are my favorites: The Pathway Pack and the Downtown Tote. Not only are these bags super on-trend, but their functionality is amazing! Featuring tons of pockets and easy-to-clean material, Petunia Pickle Bottom is the go-to stylish diaper bag.
$149-$159, www.petunia.com


FTD Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers for the holidays and it’s a great way to gift differently this year. FTD.com makes gift-giving easy with handcrafted, artist-designed arrangements, centerpieces and wreaths featuring gorgeous festive colors. Order by 12pm on Dec 23rd for holiday delivery. The holidays are about sharing joy with the people you love.

$49.99+, www.FTD.com


Shari’s Berries
Shari’s Berries offers decadent treats that are perfect to share. Treat your loved ones to delicious fresh, juicy dipped strawberries, handmade snowman brownie pops and all kinds of gourmet sweets. Order by 12pm on Dec 23rd for holiday delivery.
$29.99+, www.berries.com


Gifts for Kids & Teens:

BIT is the first wearable rugged Bluetooth speaker designed to replace headphones. Perfect for on-the-go teens, BIT creates a bubble of sound so wearers can listen to music or take handsfree phone calls. It’s great to wear during activities like running, biking or hiking, or anywhere you want to listen to music on-the-go and take handsfree calls. Plus, it’s safer than headphones! BIT creates just enough sound for a user to enjoy music up close while still allowing them to be aware of surrounding noise. BIT can be attached anywhere on a user’s upper body, including a shirt collar, pocket, backpack or helmet strap.
$29.99, www.polkaudio.com


Just in time for the holidays, Verizon has released GizmoTab: an exclusive, next-generation kid’s tablet designed to jumpstart your child’s learning experience. Unlike other kid’s tablets, GizmoTab is a full-functioning Android tablet specifically programmed for kids that’s packed with high-quality educational content and up to 300 premium learning apps. GizmoTab is customizable to your child’s age and skill level and features a Parent Dashboard so you can track your child’s progress and usage. Plus, it’s a real tablet so parents can enjoy their favorite apps, games and videos too! You can even take great photos thanks to it’s top-quality front and rear-facing cameras. Every tech-savvy kid will love this gift!
$79.99 with two-year activation, www.verizonwireless.com


Every kid looks forward to having candy in their stocking on Christmas morning, so why not throw in some candy that actually cleans their teeth? Zollipops are great-tasting lollipops that help naturally raise the pH in your mouth after a sugary snack or meal. This helps teeth remineralize faster, reducing development of future cavities! The coolest part about this product is that it was invented by an 11-year-old girl and if she loves it, you know your kids will love it too.
$5.99, Toys R Us


Game For Fame by Banter Board Games
This is the perfect game to reconnect families, spend some quality time together and have a lot of fun while doing it! Game For Fame is a hilarious new board game that everyone from pre-teens to grandparents can play together. The game fuses together a bit of theater and a bit of charades. Each MoneyMaker card lists an action or task that you need to perform in order to move your game piece around the board and become the highest paid superstar. But let’s be honest, the real object of the game is to laugh hysterically with your family and friends!
$20, www.amazon.com

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