November 6, 2019

KTLA: Wellness Tips for Moms

KTLA: Wellness Tips for Moms

As a new mom of 2, I’ve quickly learned how important it is that I take care of myself physically and mentally. That’s why I went on KTLA to share some of the products and services I’ve been using to support my health and wellbeing! Scroll below to see what I featured and visit the On Air page by clicking HERE to watch the full segment.

Swisse Immune & Beauty Support Jellies

I always have the best intentions with maintaining a vitamin regimen, but I hate swallowing pills so much that I never keep up taking them. That’s why I love new Swisse Jellies. Made with premium quality ingredients like Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Elderberry and Marine Collagen the jelly range offers a new way to get a nutrient boost. Plus, since they’re individually wrapped and no water is needed, they’re great for on-the-go! The Immune Boost is a must-have for moms since we all need additional health support now that we’re entering the holiday season and the Beauty Boost helps support radiant, healthy skin.

$25, www.swisse.com

Olay Retinol24 Night Collection

It feels like nothing ages your skin faster than having kids, but thankfully the Olay Retinol24 night collection will give moms brighter, smoother skin in just 28 days while you sleep. It’s an easy 3-product regimen that includes a fragrance free moisturizer, serum and eye cream. The collection is formulated to hydrate skin for 24 hours with virtually no irritation like other retinol products on the market.

$28.99, www.Olay.com

Kafina Organic Energy Elixir

I’ve never met a mom who isn’t tired. Whether you’re physically or mentally drained, it’s rough getting through the day when you’re dragging. Thankfully I discovered Kafina. It’s a revolutionary organic energy elixir that supports physical energy, mental stamina and uplifted mood with zero chemicals or crash. Kafina powers your mind, body and soul with with just 5 organic ingredients: water, maple syrup, coffee, schisandra berry, fennugreek seed and cardamom.

$25 for 8-pack, www.kafinaenergy.com

Priv – Be Glammed on Demand

Priv is the leading on demand beauty and wellness app providing luxury experiences in the comfort of your own home, office, hotel or any other location. Their network of over 3,000 thoroughly vetted beauty and wellness professionals will have moms looking and feeling their best without the hassle of having to drive anywhere or get a babysitter. Priv offers over 13 services in 32 cities across the US and Canada. Clients can download the Priv app and book blowouts, makeup, nails, massages, haircuts, spray tans, fitness, ear piercing, the list goes on! They also offer grooming for men if dad wants to get in on the pampering too. It’s never been easier to look and feel your best.

$60-$250, www.gopriv.com

Quest Nutrition

I never thought I’d be the type of person who forgets to eat but as a new mom of 2, I find myself reaching for a quick food fix all too often. Rather than hitting a drive through or eating my kid’s leftover mac and cheese, I’ve been turning to Quest Nutrition Protein Shakes. They are an easy and convenient way to get nutrition on-the-go and I love that they’re made with just 11 simple ingredients. Quest Protein Shakes are available in three creamy and delicious flavors: Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Vanilla. And with 30 grams of protein, 3-4 grams of carbs and only 1 gram of sugar, I can feel good about this on-the-go.

$9.33 for 4-pack, www.questnutrition.com

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