September 29, 2016

KTLA: September is Baby Safety Month!

KTLA: September is Baby Safety Month!

This week I was on KTLA showcasing some of my favorite innovative baby products in honor of Baby Safety Month! Watch the segment by clicking HERE

Read more about the products I featured below!

The Doona is the world’s first and only car seat and stroller in one. Every parent has experienced the hassle of lugging a heavy infant car seat around or frustratingly trying to snap the seat into a stroller. Finally, there’s a solution! The Doona features wheels that pop down with just the click of a button. Running errands has never been so easy! Most importantly though, the Doona is extremely safe. It’s the only infant car seat on the market that features anti-rebound protection to limit the amount of rebound movement in a front-impact crash. Doona has passed all safety testing for both a car seat and stroller and is even aircraft approved.
$499, www.doonausa.com


Nuna Rava

Once your baby grows out of their infant car seat, it’s time to switch to a convertible seat. Nuna has just launched their new convertible car seat Rava in time for Baby Safety Month and Child Passenger Safety Week. The Nuna Rava has a 50b weight limit for rear facing, which is 10lbs more than the current average. Additionally, all other infant or convertible car seats on the market require a secondary step of checking the bubble or line after installation. The RAVA was designed to give you the ability to choose your preferred recline angle without the need for a bubble or line, making it easier to know that your seat is installed correctly. Lastly, the RAVA offers a muscle-free install, meaning you don’t need to struggle putting your knee in the seat to tighten the belt thanks to its True Tension doors.

$449.95, www.nuna.eu


VuSee + Project Nursery Baby Monitor
These two products work together to offer you the safest way to monitor your baby. The VuSee is a universal mount specifically designed for baby monitors. Many parents mount their monitors on the edge of the crib or in an area where baby can reach the cord, which is a strangulation hazard. The VuSee allows you to mount the monitor safely away from baby while still allowing you to have the perfect view of the crib. It works with most monitors, but I personally recommend the new Project Nursery Baby Monitor because it features two convenient video displays. A traditional monitor PLUS the world’s smallest video and audio monitor measuring in at only and inch and a half! I love this small monitor because it is so much easier and more convenient to carry around.
$14.99, www.vusee.com
$259.99, www.projectnursery.com


The Owlet
Every new parent can’t help but constantly check on their sleeping baby throughout the night. Newborn parents can sleep soundly knowing that the Owlet is monitoring their baby. The owlet is the only monitor to use hospital technology called pulse oximetry to immediately alert parents if their baby stops breathing.  Pulse oximetry is the little red light that hospitals clip on a finger to measure heart rate and oxygen levels. The Owlet has miniaturized the technology into a snuggly sock that babies wear to bed. The smart sock communicates to a base station via Bluetooth to send alerts to both the base station and smart phone app, where parents can also view live vitals from down the hall,  the front seat of the car, across town or around the world.
$249.99, www.owletcare.com


aden + anais Sleep Products
Safe sleep habits is one of the most important topics when it comes to baby safety. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep on their backs and there should be no items placed in the crib with an infant, including pillows, blankets and crib bumpers. Newborns should be securely swaddled and older babies can be placed in a sleep bag to keep them warm. aden + anais make some of the softest and most stylish swaddles, easy swaddles and sleep bags.
$20+, www.adenandanais.com


Honest Products
Unfortunately, the majority of big brand baby care products including diapers, wipes, and body care products contain harmful chemicals with known links to health problems. The fact is, companies in the US are allowed to put ingredients into personal care products with no required safety testing, and without disclosing all the ingredients. Thankfully, the Honest brand offers everything you need for baby without all the harmful chemicals. Honest diapers are eco-friendly and made without chlorine processing and additives. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they feature the cutest prints on the market! Additionally, Honest has expanded it’s offerings with their line of 100{f61ce11df02f678d2c5f2e2930066b6f289804cca52fd0883d27a91eb0b54a2b} safe body care products for baby plus a line of cleaning products for around the house!
Prices vary, www.honest.com


ALWAYS fill out your product registration card!

Baby Safety month is sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. This year JPMA is helping educate parents on the importance of product registration cards and recall response. For a parent, it seems overwhelming to think about registering all of your baby gear. What does those little cards that come in every box even mean? The truth is, product registration is the #1 way to effectively manage recalls and ensure your baby is using the safest products.


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