January 19, 2018

KTLA: Healthier Family in 2018

KTLA: Healthier Family in 2018

We are well into the first month of 2018 and whatever your resolutions are for the year, I hope you’re succeeding! One of the most popular resolutions among families is to live a healthier life. That’s why I went on KTLA this morning to share some of my favorite products to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

Watch the segment by clicking HERE and learn more about the products by reading below!


Nanobébé Newborn Gift Set

Nanobébé is the first bottle that actually preserves breastmilk’s nutrients by preventing it from overheating. Breastmilk warmed in standard bottles is routinely overheated, which kills many of the vital nutrients baby needs from breastmilk. Nanobébé solves that problem to ensure baby is getting the healthiest breastmilk possible. Nanobebe is just launching this month and has already won global innovation awards. It heats evenly and safely 2x faster than a standard bottle. Today I have their Newborn Gift Set on display but the bottles are also available individually. The gift set comes with everything a newborn could need and it’s sure to be a hot baby registry item this year.

$10.99-$94.99, www.nanobebe.com



If you want a healthy family, the key is exercise! As a busy mom, finding time to exercise is more challenging than an intense workout itself. That’s why I love Studio SWEAT onDEMAND. SSoD provides an in-studio experience unparalleled by other fitness apps and offers the flexibility of completing classes anywhere, any time. Now, I can get my workouts in while my daughter naps or, sometimes she gets in on the fun and does the exercise moves alongside me! Not only am I demonstrating healthy habits, but I’m also getting her moving too. What I love best about SSoD is that the videos are filmed during real classes at Studio SWEAT in San Diego featuring real people, not fitness models, so it feels like I’m actually part of a class rather than just following another exercise video. The classes require little to no equipment and an unlimited membership costs a fraction of what most gyms charge.

$8.25/month, www.studiosweatondemand.com


Oral Essentials Clean & Fresh Mouthwash

There hasn’t been much advancement in the mouthwash industry over the years. They all seem to have the same artificial blue or green color and burn the inside of the mouth so badly that most of us can’t even last a full 2 minutes of swishing. The burning is from the harsh amount of alcohol in mouthwash, which is actually terrible for your mouth because it kills all the good bacteria that keep your mouth healthy. This year, switch the whole family to Oral Essentials Clean & Fresh Mouthwash. It’s the only mouthwash made from natural ingredients like salt and aloe to clean teeth, freshen breath and keep gums healthy. It’s clinically tested, non-toxic, enamel-friendly, and safe for everyone in the family.

$11.99, www.oralessentials.com


Sprout Foods

Eating a plant-based diet was a huge food trend in 2017 and it’s only gaining more momentum this year. Many families are trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diets, but there haven’t been any plant-based, protein-rich baby and toddler foods on the market until now. Sprout Foods has just released a new line of plant-based purees and snacks chock full of protein. Sprout Foods is the first company to introduce a complete line of plant powered purees and snacks using vegetable-based proteins from organic chickpeas, lentils and beans. Best of all, Sprout’s convenient, mess-free, environmental-friendly packaging makes it easy to give my daughter healthy foods on-the-go.

$3.99+, www.sproutorganicfoods.com


Avocado Athleisure

For all the mamas out there who made it their New Year’s resolution to be more active, you need to get your hands on Avocado Athleisure. Avocado specializes in seamless apparel and their leggings never pinch or pull. They are so comfortable, they feel like a second skin! The leggings offer a 4-way stretch with the ability to conform to all shapes and sizes and truly move with you, something every mom needs. I especially love Avocado for the post-partum moms out there since they are so stretchy and will fit as your body changes. I even know some pregnant mamas who love wearing them! Avocado is the perfect athleisure to wear every day for low-impact workouts like yoga, walking, or just chasing the kids around! Best of all, they are hand-dyed and made with love right here in Los Angeles.

$75+, www.shopavocado.com

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