August 17, 2017

KTLA: Final Summer Splash

KTLA: Final Summer Splash

The summer season might be winding down, but here in Los Angeles we still have months left of beautiful warm weather. Why not celebrate by enjoying the final days of summer with some outdoor water fun! As seen on KTLA Thursday August 16th




Wham-O Slip ‘N Slide

We all remember the rush of sliding down a Slip ‘N Slide on a hot summer day as kids, which is why I’m so happy the Slip ‘N Slide is making a comeback! Wham-O is the original maker of the Slip’n Slide and it’s better than ever. We have the original Slip ‘N Slide set up here today to give us all some nostalgia, but Wham-O has also come out with several new variations including the Triple Racer where three kids can race each other. It’s hours of outdoor fun guaranteed!

$28.99, www.wham-o.com


Hydro Games from COOP Sports

COOP Sports has turned your favorite land sports like Lacrosse and football and made them water-friendly! These 100{f61ce11df02f678d2c5f2e2930066b6f289804cca52fd0883d27a91eb0b54a2b} waterproof toys are made from neoprene, the same material used in wetsuits. We also have their super-cool Wake Breaker that kids will love. It’s a ball that you skip across the water and goes up to 60 feet!

$12.99+, www.coop-sports.com


Waiakea Water

When we think of summertime and water most of us think of the pool and the beach, but the most important summer water is the kind you put into your body. Waiakea is my favorite bottled water brand not only because it tastes the best, but also because of where it comes from. Waiakea is naturally filtered through porous volcanic rock in Hawaii which makes the water naturally alkaline and full of electrolytes. But all of that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t taste great and this water is hands down the best.

$23 for 6-pack of one-liter bottles , www.waiakea.com


Mermaid Magic at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

Could there be a more perfect way to end the summer than with mermaids!? Book a night (or more) at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach to take advantage of Hyatt’s Mermaid Magic Hour. Every Sunday at noon, kids can swim with a real mermaid. The 90-minute experience includes swimming instruction from certified “Mermaid,” mermaid tail rental, water games and story time of exciting underwater adventures. Spend the rest of the day at the pool going down waterslides before enjoying s’mores on the beach in the evening. It’s the ultimate end-of-summer staycation!

$25 with hotel stay, www.huntingtonbeach.regency.hyatt.com

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