November 29, 2016

KCAL9: Millennial Mom Tech-Savvy Baby Products

KCAL9: Millennial Mom Tech-Savvy Baby Products

My daughter just turned 1 and I can’t believe how many  innovative baby tech products have been released since she was born! A stroller that charges your phone? A bassinet that listens and responds to soothe baby? YEAH! It exists. Watch the segment and get more info below on the super cool baby gadgets that I featured on CBS LA’s KCAL9.


This is the world’s smartest and safest baby bed ever made. SNOO is the first baby bed to soothe, monitor and respond to your baby’s needs. It chooses the best white noise and motion to boost sleep – or calm midnight meltdowns – all while keeping baby in the safest position, on his back. When SNOO detects your baby crying, gentle rocking and motion calm your baby at the exact level he needs to guide him to sleep. It’s like having your own personal night nurse! SNOO also comes with the safest and easiest to use swaddle to promote the best quality sleep for baby. SNOO is the biggest innovation in baby tech we’ve seen in decades!
$1160, www.happiestbaby.com


There’s nothing worse than having to wake a sleeping baby to check their temperature when they’re sick. However, many pediatricians recommend checking a sick baby’s temperature throughout the night. The POMO Bebe allows parents to check baby’s temperature without even touching them! But that’s not all POMO Bebe does. This monitor can also check the temperature of baby’s milk or bath water to ensure they’re not too hot. It even has a tracker that will sound an alarm on your smartphone if baby wanders too far away from you!
$119, www.pomohouse.com


ALLie Camera
I’ve tried about a dozen baby monitors and none of them are as high tech as the ALLie Camera. It’s the first 360-degree home camera that allows you to see ever inch of the room, without any fuzzy vantage point. Finally you can zoom in on your baby’s crib and actually see a clear image of him or her! Parents can access the camera from their smartphone or tablet and can control the viewpoint by swiping in any direction. ALLie also offers a portable battery that allows users to take their ALLie with them on-the-go.
$499, www.ALLie.camera


The Owlet
This is a must-have for newborns! The owlet is the only monitor to use hospital technology called pulse oximetry to immediately alert parents if their baby stops breathing.  Pulse oximetry is the little red light that hospitals clip on a finger to measure heart rate and oxygen levels. The Owlet has miniaturized the technology into a snuggly sock that babies wear to bed. The smart sock communicates to a base station via Bluetooth to send alerts to both the base station and smart phone app, where parents can also view live vitals from down the hall,  the front seat of the car, across town or around the world.
$249.99, www.owletcare.com


When you’re pregnant, all sorts of changes are happening to your body, and you can’t always be sure if what you are feeling is a contraction, particularly when they start early. Bloomlife is worn on the belly of expectant moms in the third trimester. It is the first pregnancy wearable available for consumers to use at home; it safely and automatically tracks, counts and times contractions and displays the results on its accompanying app.
$49 set up fee + $19/week, www.bloomlife.com


Instavit For Kids
When baby graduates to being a toddler, it’s important to start giving them a multivitamin to promote good health. However, vitamin technology hasn’t progressed much over the last decade as our only options have been pills, chewables or gummies — until now. Finally, there’s a safer, high-tech, on-the-go vitamin called Instavit For Kids. Instavit For Kids is a spray vitamin designed to help support the nutritional needs of kids ages 2-12. Simply spray the watermelon-flavored vitamin directly into the child’s mouth. Giving kids vitamins has never been so easy!
$15.99, www.instavit.com


4moms Moxi Stroller
Finally moms have a high-tech stroller! The Moxi stroller by 4moms offers tons of cool tech features thanks to its power-generating wheels that charge the stroller when pushed enabling the “power on board” features. These features give parents the ability to charge their cell phone, track temperature, time, distance travelled, speed and battery levels via the LCD screen, illuminate pathways and increase visibility at night thanks to its headlights and taillights, and it even monitors your steps and calories burned!
$699.99, www.4moms.com

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