About Millennial Mom

Millennial Mom Jenna Barnett

Becoming a mom is one of the most incredible, powerful and life-altering events a woman can experience. When Jenna Barnett first found out she was pregnant, it was seconds before she started combing the internet and the earth for the best of the best baby products. That began Jenna’s obsession with finding most outstanding, interesting and original family products around, leading to the birth of Millennial Mom!

Jenna’s background as a boutique millennial PR firm owner helped her to learn the ins and outs of the media world. When her daughter Lucy was born in 2015, she decided to make it her mission to help moms like her sort through the mom clutter in a more impactful way. This led to her featured segments on both KTLA and CBS television in Los Angeles. Now, Jenna can be seen regularly featuring her favs on TV for all moms to see! Jenna welcomed her second daughter, Nora, in April 2019.

“I became a mom at time when millennials were not well-represented in the parenting space. I wanted to be a trusted resource for this new generation of moms trying to navigate the multi-billion dollar “mom industry” and provide my expertise on the products they need or want for their families.”